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If you have been trying to track your mat time and jiu jitsu the old fashion way or you simply don't trust the "free" services with your data, you can track and organize your hard earned mat time, class notes, belt promotions and more with Grapple Ninja so that you can level up your game by optimizing and measuring your training.

It takes aproximately 10 years to get a blackbelt, but true mastery is a lifelong pursuit. It takes 10 years of dedicated grit to become a black belt in Jiu Jitsu. Why not track your progress while you're at it?

We need better tools for grapplers. I created Grapple Ninja because I wanted a way to track the important moments in my journey, while also empowering me to train optimally.

Your Journal Data is owned by you, we do not sell or share your journal data with anyone. This is made possible by generous donations and eventually Grapple Ninja will be a paid premium service.

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