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Welcome to the Grapple.Ninja Blog!  This blog contains articles and other information related to grappling, mental & physical health, competition and anything that I find interesting or worth sharing with a large group of people. This blog will also include guest posts from high-level grapplers and other experts in their field. I have always believed in the sharing of information because it empowers the community and helps us all on our quest for mastery. Please feel free to sign-up and join the discussion. Every member of a community has something unique and valuable to offer. 

Drink-jitsu and "Sticky" Gym Cultures

It doesn’t take a group of world champion athlete(s) or modern 5-star facility to make a fantastic jiu jitsu gym.


Taking Ownership and Avoiding the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Plateau

One of the most effective ways to kickstart your Brazilian Jiu Jitsu growth is through a concept known as deliberate practice. Deliberate practice helps you grow your game systematically and with enough of it, you begin taking ownership of your own Jiu Jitsu game. This is the unique summation of techniques, transitions, attacks and escapes that you have added to your jiu jitsu game that work for you and your body. The shift in mindset that takes place once you start taking ownership of your own jiu jitsu growth is subtle, but important. It can help ignite a spark in your growth and development while also serving as a way to avoid the dreaded jiu jitsu plateaus.


Application Updates 2019.03

Well it's a new year and I finally found time to burn through some of the more highly requested features and issues that were bugging me the last few months. Here's an incomplete list of the changes which are now live as of today.

Major Updates

  • Training Log Display - Added a Training Log Display page which will now be the default landing page when viewing an individual training log. This is the first necessary step to allow for a much tidier experience while managing your training information.
  • (Pro Subscribers Only) PHOTOS! Added ability attach photos to a training log.
Minor Updates
  • Stripe Updates - Updated Stripe Library and the related references had to updated.
  • (Pro Subscribers Only) Updated "My Subscription" page with several clean up / minor improvements.
  • (Pro Subscribers Only) Added ability to set your subscription to auto-renew or do not auto-renew.
  • (Pro Subscribers Only) Update "My Subscription" page to allow all subscription plan types to cancel their subscription.

Thanks for your continued support. As always if you notice an issue with the web app, please contact me and I'll get it taken care of!


5 Tips for Jiu Jitsu Competition

Competing is a different skill set from jiu-jitsu. Do you know someone who is really good at rolling but not very good at competing? This person usually dominates open mats by developing a high level of training skills, but has not yet developed their competition skills. In fact they may hate competing because they don’t like losing and find competition too stressful. These 5 tips are for both types of grapplers...........