Start tracking your jiu-jitsu training, visualize your hard earned mat time, class notes, belt promotions and more with Grapple.Ninja so that you can level up your game faster and more efficiently by tracking your training data.

Grapple.Ninja allows you to practice a daily habit of private journaling (the opposite of every publishing platform out there). The words you write are saved and locked away, only for you to ever look at, so you can write whatever's really on your mind without fear of it getting out.

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Why isn't Grapple.Ninja free?
A project has to be sustainable or shut down.

Paying a small monthly (or discounted annual) fee ensures that the costs to run Grapple.Ninja are covered, that the app will be there helping us keep track of our training, forever, and motivates me to keep improving it with your feedback.

It shows you care. It shows that not only are you supporting yourself, you're supporting a whole community of like-minded folks.

Not convinced? Read what Maciej from Pinboard wrote on the topic or shoot me an email!