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Application Updates 2019.03

Well it's a new year and I finally found time to burn through some of the more highly requested features and issues that were bugging me the last few months. Here's an incomplete list of the changes which are now live as of today.

Major Updates

  • Training Log Display - Added a Training Log Display page which will now be the default landing page when viewing an individual training log. This is the first necessary step to allow for a much tidier experience while managing your training information.
  • (Pro Subscribers Only) PHOTOS! Added ability attach photos to a training log.
Minor Updates
  • Stripe Updates - Updated Stripe Library and the related references had to updated.
  • (Pro Subscribers Only) Updated "My Subscription" page with several clean up / minor improvements.
  • (Pro Subscribers Only) Added ability to set your subscription to auto-renew or do not auto-renew.
  • (Pro Subscribers Only) Update "My Subscription" page to allow all subscription plan types to cancel their subscription.

Thanks for your continued support. As always if you notice an issue with the web app, please contact me and I'll get it taken care of!