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Can tracking tools improve your grappling?

One of the great things about jiu-jitsu is that different people can enjoy it different ways. I really enjoy playing closed guard. I like the submissions, setting traps, and switching between attacks. When I started working on my guard passing I had to learn to love a different part of jiu-jitsu. The grinding, pressure, and wearing down an opponent to win.

There is no single correct way to enjoy jiu-jitsu and there is no single way to train jiu-jitsu. Can you get better without Grapple.Ninja? Yes. But just like many other activities taking advantage of quantitative data can improve and speed up the process. Who is going to save more money, the person with a budget or the person who just tracks it in their head? Which weightlifter is going to make faster gains, the one who tracks his lifts and notes his progress or the one who just comes in and works hard? Obviously, someone working hard without Grapple.Ninja will beat someone who uses Grapple.Ninja and doesn’t work hard. But, if both people work hard, the person with the extra tools will have an edge.

Grapple.Ninja can help you focus and reflect which will give you the edge on the mats. It will help you start building healthy habits and motivate you to keep pushing as you see tangible results visually! Feel free to discuss in the comments below.