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Application Updates 2019.03

Well it's a new year and I finally found time to burn through some of the more highly requested features and issues that were bugging me the last few months. Here's an incomplete list of the changes which are now live as of today.

Major Updates

  • Training Log Display - Added a Training Log Display page which will now be the default landing page when viewing an individual training log. This is the first necessary step to allow for a much tidier experience while managing your training information.
  • (Pro Subscribers Only) PHOTOS! Added ability attach photos to a training log.
Minor Updates
  • Stripe Updates - Updated Stripe Library and the related references had to updated.
  • (Pro Subscribers Only) Updated "My Subscription" page with several clean up / minor improvements.
  • (Pro Subscribers Only) Added ability to set your subscription to auto-renew or do not auto-renew.
  • (Pro Subscribers Only) Update "My Subscription" page to allow all subscription plan types to cancel their subscription.

Thanks for your continued support. As always if you notice an issue with the web app, please contact me and I'll get it taken care of!


Grapple.Ninja Pro Now Available

I've been working on rolling out Grapple.Ninja Pro subscriptions for the better part of the summer. It's quite a bit of work for a 1 man dev team, but I'm happy to announce the launch of Grapple.Ninja Pro subscriptions backed and powered by Stripe! 

I love writing code, especially when it's for something I'm passionate about, but  I firmly believe that a project must be sustainable to be successful.  The good news is with enough support through Pro subscriptions I will be able to dedicate more time to develop, maintain and support the web application. I am committed to continuous improvement of Grapple.Ninja just like I am committed to getting better at jiu-jitsu every single day. Likewise, if you commit to a Grapple.Ninja Pro subscription you are taking the first step through a doorway to accelerated growth. Start tracking your own training data and begin taking ownership of your own jiu-jitsu game! You can't always rely on coaches or teammates to figure out your weaknesses in your game, sometimes you need to be pro-active in your training to progress to the next level. 

Grapple.Ninja Pro Features and Benefits
Unlimited Training Logs
Log as many of your training sessions as need! I want to encourage people to start tracking their jiu-jitsu. Unlimited training logs for everyone! Everyone gets a training log! You get a training log, you get a training log.....

Training Dashboard
Keep up to date with your current training, notice trends before they become a problem. You're doing yourself a disservice if you're not paying attention to where your training time is going! Plus you can share these cool graphs with your friends.

Custom Belt Flair
Proudly display your hard earned belt rank throughout the site.

Custom Training Reports
For Pro Subscribers Want to dig a little deeper into your past training data? The dashboard metrics are fine for seeing a snapshot of where you're at right now, but what if you want to look at how you were doing last year? Custom Training Reports allows you to do custom searches through your data while displaying it out nicely on a graph.

Priority Email Support
For Pro Subscribers I guarantee a 24 hour response time to your email. You can email about anything related to helping you use the site to better understanding your data, to technical issues. I've been grappling for 10 years and writing software for 15. Feel free to ask me anything and I'll do my best!

No Ads, Private and Secure Data
For ALL Subscribers Your Journal Data is owned by you, we do not sell, share, or even advertise with your data. (You're welcome to share knowledge, technique and insight on the community yourself!).
For Pro Subscribers: I guarantee your data is backed up and secure and you can export your training logs at any time!


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Custom Training Reports!

Custom Training Reports are now available for Grapple.Ninja Pro subscribers!

You can now search your training history using a custom date search. This is just the beginning of what is coming for Pro subscribers. Give it a try and let me know what you think!

Hows your training going so far this summer? Here's a snapshot of mine right now. Consistency is king! Happy tracking :)

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